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What is the N.A.D.A Protocol?

N.A.D.A. – National Acupuncture Detoxification Association

Let us begin by establishing that detoxification applies to more than just addiction. The five points described below can be used for a whole series of addiction symptoms and emotional trauma. This treatment has been employed on and off the battlefield to help troops from stress and emotional trauma, PTSD symptoms. It is used in addiction facilities to help minimize withdrawal symptoms and reduce cravings for alcohol and drugs. It can increase calmness, improve sleep, and lessen agitation.

SympatheticFunction: Stress Reactions. Fight or flight response. Preparation for action.

Balancing the sympathetic system. Affecting the nerves to internal organs. Digestive system. Releasing spasms and creating dilation of blood vessels. Regulates sweating and pain tolerance.

Shenmen [Spirit Gate] - Function: Returning the “Qi” of the lower DanTien. Anchor the spirit and calm the mind. Insomnia, palpitations, panic attacks, mental health, pain control, hyperactivity, attention deficit disorders, fear, high blood pressure, and preparing for events.

KidneyFunction: Root of Yin and Yang. Governs the essence and the grace of aging.

Strengthens the lower limbs, spine, bone marrow, digestion, spinal cord, sperm and ovum production, brain, hearing, teeth, sexual vitality, fertility and urination.

Associated with: Trust, Self-worth, confidence, gentleness, will power and sexual ease.

Imbalance: Fear, paranoia, mistrust, low confidence.

LiverFunction: Regulating the harmonious flow of Qi and blood. Metabolic function of the liver. Nourishes the nails, eyes, hair, skin, ligaments and tendons. Regulates menstruation, sleep, mood, digestion, respiration and urine flow. Effective in migraine, headaches, high blood pressure, pain and mood swings.

Associated with: Clear judgement, no fixed opinions, free flow, acceptance, kindness, harmony.

Imbalance: Creating anger, rage, violence, frustration, depression, being stuck, obsession.

LungFunction: Controls the Qi, governs the water passages, disperses and descends the Qi. Regulates respiration and is associated with the skin. Breathing disorders, skin problems, sweating. Regulates the body temperature, sense of smell, oedema, thirst, urination, diarrhea, constipation, colds and flu. Asthma and bronchitis, hay fever and sinusitis.

Associated with: Inspiration, motivation, creativity and letting go.

Imbalance: Apathy, lethargy, lack of inspiration, grief, sadness, holding on.

Our goal with this treatment is to help the multitude of veterans in the area cope with the challenges they feel they are working through due to their experience in the armed services. Of course, as mentioned this treatment can be helpful in many ways; we hope to share this information to educate and raise awareness and to invite anybody who is struggling to know we are here to help.

Our resident acupuncturist, Kimbrell Rayfield AP, MSOM, FABORM, worked in journalism for years before going back to school to for her Master’s in Acupuncture. While overseas on assignments she would work in international hot spots and some active war zones. The traumas are very real, and resources available to our troops returning home can feel limited.

If we can help in any way, we are eager to do so. We have pricing available for this treatment to help veterans find the help they could otherwise not attain, nor afford.

For this treatment, you will be seated in a zero-gravity chair under the soft warmth of heat lamps. Low light and soothing ambient music to help you relax as acupuncture needles are placed in the five positions in the ear known as The Nada Protocol and a few in the hands and feet. The treatment lasts about 25 minutes and you will need no preparation other than to notify us ahead so we can properly fit you in the schedule.

We, at Gulf Coast Acupuncture and Fertility, are so grateful and blessed to serve and help anyone with PTSD or major anxiety of any type of stress. Needles and relaxation do not usually go into the same sentence, but we have been told we have the “Nicest Needles Ever.”

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