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Touching the Surface




Combining Acupuncture, Eastern and Western Medicine Principles - for Life Transforming Results!
"Where East meets West"

Optimize Your Health Today at GCAF

Gulf Coast Acupuncture and Fertility, "Where East meets West." We are excited to share our experience and extensive knowledge of Eastern Medicine and its relation to Western Medicine to promote optimum health and fertility with the Sunshine State. Stress alone affects EVERY system within the body and is directly linked to and or the cause of every health issue you will face, whether physical or emotional.


At GCAF, we want to help you manage that stress while helping you on the road to optimum health. We understand how easy it is to be overwhelmed in today's world, especially when you're trying to be everyone's rock...but the truth is, if you are not taking care of yourself, you'll have a hard time being there for everyone else. Your journey is unique and special, as everyone's is. Let us take care of you, so you can take care of the people you love most.

At GCAF, we specialize in supporting you through the continuum of fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum. Kimbrell has been helping family growth for over two decades as both a Fertility Specialist and an Acupuncturist.
Hand on Bump
We work alongside Western medicine doctors, midwives and, doulas.
We recognize that your history, your situation, and your goals are unique, and we believe your treatment plan should be too.
Using Acupuncture for Addiction Treatments

Beating an addiction in any form is an arduous journey. Acupuncture raises endorphins levels (our body's natural painkiller) and has emerged as a vital tool in the fight against drug addiction. By aiding patients overcome cravings, promoting relaxation, and helping draw focus away from their impulses and destructive thoughts, we can help keep away the dangers of falling into bad habits and relapses.


   Balancing your body's yin and yang energies will help you achieve a healthier state mentally and physically while helping support your willpower to make the change and conquer the cravings. Click below to learn more about the positive ways we can help you with your individual struggles and aid in your continued success.

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