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Anxiety, Stress & YOU!

Anxiety and stress affect approximately 19% of the adult population or 40 million people. An estimated 30% of the population experiences an anxiety disorder at some point during their lives. Anxiety issues can include several conditions, including generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, agoraphobia, and social anxiety disorder. Each syndrome has a specific set of defining criteria, but they often share the following signs and symptoms: Restlessness, nervousness A sense of impending danger, panic, or doom Increased heart rate Rapid breathing Sweating Trembling Fatigue or weakness Difficulty concentrating Trouble sleeping Gastrointestinal problems Excessive worry Avoidance of things that trigger anxiety While 19% of the population experiences a clinically defined anxiety disorder each year, many more people experience a milder form of anxiety and stress, sometimes on a fairly regular basis. This type of anxiety or stress might not fall under a clinical definition of anxiety, but the experience can still affect one’s quality of life. Anxiety is a normal and natural reaction to different types of events or circumstances we might encounter. For instance, when we face a threat, feelings of anxiety are part of our body’s fight or flight response which is a protective mechanism. Even sometimes “good” events, such as a wedding or the birth of a child, can cause anxiety or stress. Suppose anxiety is proportional to the degree of the problem. In that case, it ends once the actual situation is resolved. In contrast to imagined scenarios, natural stresses usually don’t require treatment. However, acupuncture for anxiety can help improve the quality of life and manage stress more effectively. Anxiety or pressure that occurs in the absence of an identifiable event or in response to an imagined problem does not go away. It can affect one’s ability to work or perform daily functions. Recent data indicates that mental illness in general, and stress and anxiety in particular, have increased since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. A national survey by the American Psychiatric Association (APA) found that 36% of Americans say that coronavirus has seriously impacted their mental health. Fears about contracting the illness, uncertainty about the future, increased isolation, job loss, and financial distress have contributed to increased anxiety and other mental health problems. Frontline medical workers have been experiencing burnout and increased levels of depression, anxiety, and insomnia. These responses are understandable given the severity of the pandemic and the drastic changes to daily life that many people have experienced. Traditional Chinese Medicine is individualized medicine that treats each patient according to their unique needs. Treatments are tailored to each patient’s specific signs and symptoms, medical history, and other relevant lifestyle factors. At Gulf Coast Acupuncture, YOU are more than just a number or a symptom! Your treatment will be tailored to your specific needs and condition, not a protocol-based treatment used for everyone with anxiety. Since TCM treats the whole body rather than just the symptom, acupuncture for anxiety and stress provides increased benefits for the body. It can reduce strain on a physiological level. Additionally, acupuncture can stimulate the release of endorphins, which play a role in the body’s stress response. Finally, acupuncture has been shown to affect the nervous system and balance sympathetic and parasympathetic activities to help lessen the body’s fight or flight stress response. Are you ready to get back to feeling like yourself again? Just give us a call; we are here to help! (850)331-9991

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