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Our team at GCAF only wants the best care and comfort for our patients. By working together with our different strengths, we can find the most effective road to your health success.

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Kimbrell Rayfield


Licensed Primary Care Physician


Kimbrell has joined us at Gulf Coast Acupuncture and Fertility, your premiere fertility and acupuncture clinic in the Pensacola area on Florida's beautiful Gulf Coast, serving the quad-state area.

  Kimbrell graduated with a Master's in Oriental Medicine in 2003 and is a licensed Herbalist. She is a Certified Fellow of the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine. Her impressive resume provides just a tiny glimpse into her experience and professionalism. Extensive knowledge in Fertility and every facet of Oriental Medicine to include neurological disorders, pain management, insomnia, stress/anxietyPTSD, women's health,  immune support, sports injuries, geriatrics, weight management, smoking cessation,  Infertility male and female, and more.

  Previous titles have included Clinic Supervisor at East West College of Natural Medicine, Director of Oriental Medicine at Georgia Integrative Medicine, Director of Patient Treatment and Medicine at Florida Health Services, a distinguished colleague of Fertility and Reproductive Medicine in South Carolina.
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Gulf Coast Acupuncture and Fertility

Our acupuncturist and fertility specialist, Kimbrell, has over 20 years of experience. Besides helping couples and individuals make their baby dreams come true; She has helped 100's of people regain their health, live a life without pain, achieve their ideal weight, look more youthful, and feel amazing.
  Our services range from modern acupuncture for chronic pain and stress, fertility enhancement, cupping, tui na massage (for working professionals and athletes), auricular acupuncture and ear tacks, and helping VETS with PTSD. The list goes on… We break the cycle! By finding the source of your blockage/misalignment, we’ll work together to find the most effective treatments available.
Gulf Coast Acupuncture and Fertility is an aqua-infused and sunny natural medicine clinic located on
North 9th Avenue, just before Creighton in Pensacola, Florida.

We are committed to helping you find balance, free yourself from pain, and experience life to the fullest. Choose to break your day up with a slice of serenity with us.

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We aim to provide a creative welcoming atmosphere always!

Got a little fancy to be creative? Take a moment and chill in the Art Therapy Room. This space is set up to serve your interest to slip off the grid and quietly relax. Get lost in to your favorite passion project. Make yourself a refreshing drink at the complimentary coffee and tea bar and take in the calm atmosphere.

  We keep the light comfortable, the music pulsing in harmonious tones while enticing your senses  and stimulating your mind with essential oil diffusers. These factors come together, leaving you with a calm, relaxed, satisfied feeling to enjoy the rest of your day. 


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