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Acupuncture as a Non-Narcotic Pain Relief

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

Pharmaceutical pain relief comes with its own hazards such as high cost, potential abuse, and compromise in our ability to be fully aware throughout our day. For many, Western medicine provides those in great need the ability to get through their day without being constantly reminded that their body is in pain. When your body hurts there really isn’t much room to experience much else; a simple headache will be a quick reminder of that universal truth. There are different ways to manage pain and medication is the most popular probably because it is so common to take medication, but pain management is one of the most popular treatments that can also be managed using acupuncture.

Our brain naturally creates feel good endorphins like dopamine and serotonin which signal the pleasure receptors in our brain. Acupuncture can induce these endorphins and have a calming and positive impact. A study was recently conducted proving needles placed in certain areas of the body will light up areas of the brain. In true Chinese medicine the goal is to move the negative energy away from the localized area of pain and then finally needle the painful spot last or sometimes not at all. The goal of acupuncture to help with pain relief is to remove blood stagnation and Qi stagnation

When you have a trauma the energy and blood is usually stuck, so to get it moving again feels like a great relief. The really relaxed feeling is common during/after treatment; this positive release will last a while after your treatment. Now to be clear this natural feeling of bliss can be achieved in many ways. It is the reward system that has naturally been built into our body and helps us manage stress. This feeling can be felt in such daily routines such as being with family, time with our fur babies (pets), doing whatever you love ...exercising, cooking, etc. Acupuncture is available as an approachable way to find relief that has been unattainable in other ways. I have patients who are upset with their Western doctors because they don’t seem to get anywhere with them. I remind the patients that their Western doctor is doing their best and working with the tools they have; most likely pills, surgery, more tests, scans and time-consuming evaluations.

Studies are showing that CBD Hemp and acupuncture work very well together. Acupuncture and CBD Hemp both release a chemical known as adenosine. Acupuncture stimulates the release of adenosine to increase the body’s capacity to tolerate pain; while CBD Hemp increases the ability of adenosine to fight inflammation which may cause pain. When used in combination, they both boost the endocannabinoid system, enhancing the body’s own tools for combating disease and fighting a wide range of physical problems. In post treatment, we use Omalani CBD Hemp cream to reinforce the bodywork after acupuncture, it's just a little additive to help you feel great the rest of your day. :)

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