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How a massage can inhibit your ability to get pregnant.

Stress and Fertility are often mentioned in the same sentence when talking about issues regarding infertility. And massages are often desirable when coping with these complications, but we should inform you that massages can add further complications to getting pregnant. There are a few things to be aware of when it comes to massage. Often the most stressful time is not during the follicular stimulation phase or trying to time intercourse to ovulation; it comes during the two-week wait. (By the way, we think it's ideal to have sex at least every three days to assure there are a few swimmers always active.) Though the suspense of the luteal phase is filled with anticipation, excitement, and expectancy, it can also be clouded by doubts, questions, and unknowns. Being able to find proactive ways to relax is extremely helpful during this time. It's no wonder that so many women have the same question; is it safe to receive massage while I'm waiting to find out if I'm pregnant? You may know friends that have received massage during the two-week wait and ended up with healthy and successful pregnancies, and that is wonderful. Still, the official answer is that standard full-body massage is not recommended in the first trimester of pregnancy. Since the two-week wait hopefully marks the beginning of your first trimester, caution should be exercised during this time. A full-body massage is very stimulating to the circulatory system, a common way to describe this, just like a ship trying to dock and coming into port, an embryo has the best chance of implanting in 'still waters,' not 'choppy seas.' We aren't saying you shouldn't get a massage since a massage can be a fantastic way to relax, but fertility acupuncture is an amazing substitute. Your fertility specialist will know the points to stimulate and the points that should not be stimulated.

If you decide to get a massage, here are a few tips to have a relaxing massage experience that you can rest assured will be safe: Avoid massaging areas that could create circulatory changes to the lower pelvic region, such as the abdomen, low back, legs, and gluts. Use a pillow or other cushioning to take pressure off the belly as you lie face down. Do focus on relaxation zones, such as head, neck, shoulders, hands, and feet (but avoid the ankles and the sides of the heel, as these areas include points that could stimulate the uterus). Essential oils are fantastic, but avoid oils that could affect your hormones (for instance, lavender is a safe and effective oil to use, whereas clary sage is not). We are here to offer you support and encouragement throughout your fertility journey.

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