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What an ABORM Certified Specialist Means for YOU Regarding Fertility?

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

The American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine is a wonderful example of a community of practitioners working together in collaboration to establish the standard of practice that ensures effective, positive results in fertility. This community of long-established medicine are a step beyond your average acupuncturist because they are certified specialist in the field of fertility. ABORM describes themselves on their website as:

ABORM is an INTERNATIONAL organization pioneering best practices in acupuncture and oriental reproductive medicine. Our fellows are SKILLED CHINESE MEDICINE CLINICIANS and educated RESEARCHERS who contribute to the current body of knowledge with cutting edge innovations and INTEGRATIVE, EVIDENCE BASED care.

Our new business, Gulf Coast Acupuncture and Fertility, is the premiere fertility and acupuncture clinic located in the Pensacola area of the beautiful Gulf Coast of Florida. We see fertility patients from all areas including the States of Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Georgia, and New York. Our certified fertility specialist is one of only 350 (approximately) in the world; and we are fortunate she has joined us. We are one of the few A.B.O.R.M fertility practices, in the Southeastern United States, that works hand in hand with Western Medicine. Helping them on their patient(s) journey to become new parents, increase their success rate, and help with Women’s and Men's overall health.

Kimbrell graduated with a Masters in Oriental Medicine in 2003, is a Licensed Primary Care Physician, Licensed Nutritional Herbalist, and is proficient in Injection Therapy. She is a Certified Fellow of the Board of American Oriental Reproductive Medicine. When choosing fertility acupuncture as an extended treatment form during your infertility/fertility journey; it is important to do your research to understand the importance of a FABORM certification.


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