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Cupping and Acupuncture

Acupuncture has been popular outside of China for decades, but cupping is a more recent phenomenon in the United States, although it dates back to 3000 BC in Asia. Dry cupping involves using glass, bamboo, silicone, or earthenware cups on the skin to draw congested blood and energy to the surface to break up stagnation.

Sometimes we move cups after applying them in a process called “gliding cupping.” This process is similar to a massage but in reverse, as muscles are pulled upwards rather than downward pressure; cups are typically applied for about ten minutes.

What Are The Benefits Of Cupping?

In Chinese medicine, it is believed that stagnation–the blockage of qi–is the root of the pain. Cupping is a way to alleviate congestion and restore the natural flow of energy within a patient’s body.

Cupping can also help stimulate the lungs in patients with respiratory conditions, detoxify the blood, relieve muscle spasms, and support digestive health. Cupping has even been shown to treat acne and other skin conditions. Our clients appreciate cupping for the recuperative feeling they get after treatment–it’s beneficial for sore muscles and those annoying kinks we all get in our neck and shoulders from too much time spent on devices. It also shows noticeable pain reduction for more serious neck injuries.

You might be surprised to find out that cupping is a form of acupuncture! By combining cupping with traditional acupuncture in one treatment, sometimes referred to as “needle cupping,” we’re able to treat deep tissues and promote healing at the skin level through the insertion of acupuncture needles.

Cupping and acupuncture seek to activate meridians on the body to promote the flow of qi, or energy, but they do so in different ways; by using cupping and acupuncture in tandem, you’re amplifying the benefits of each treatment. Cupping combined with acupuncture can accelerate pain relief post-treatment. Our typical session will start with acupuncture then flow into cupping.

In general, any condition that we treat with acupuncture can be treated with cupping as well–aches, pains, migraines, constipation, chest congestion, acne, and so much more can all be treated with cupping and acupuncture.

At Gulf Coast Acupuncture and Fertility, we are here to help you feel better. Our office is minutes away from the Pensacola International Airport and is easily accessible from the I-10. Book your appointment today. (850) 331-9991


Benefits of Using Cupping & Acupuncture Together | Matawan PT.

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