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CBD Hemp Pain Relief Roll-On, infused with our proprietary blend of essential oil and herbs, was formulated to help relieve discomfort and inflammation from sore muscles and joint pain.


This easy-to-use beautiful hemp care roll-on is perfect for healing pain relief on the go. So in your daily adventures, you'll never have to be counted out again. Besides providing pain relief, our unique hemp proprietary blend mixed with some of the best essential oils will uplift, rejuvenate, and heal you at the same time. Pain can strike at any time. Be ready for it!


Some of the different skin-loving nutrients in our unique blend are CBD Hemp, coconut, jojoba, avocado oil, and Vitamin E. Essentially adding a moisturizing, healing, and protective layer for pain relief.


Pain Relief Roll-On Infused with CBD Hemp

  • Ingredients: CBD Hemp Seed and our Proprietary Essential Blend.


    Directions: Apply Roll-On as needed for relief to targeted areas.


    Disclaimer: May contain nuts, seeds, and beeswax. For External Use Only.


    Available in: 10ml. (10g) Red Ombre and Blue Ombre Roll-On bottles

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