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Our All-Natural Healing Oil Dropper will give your sweet baby a chance to have the best health it can have now and in the future. No different than you getting your daily dose of minerals, herbs, and vitamins.


Besides its daily use for pain and anxiety, this can also be used as a preventative vitamin source, allowing your Pet to live a longer-lasting, happy, and healthy life. Adding CBD to our Proprietary Blend acts as an all-natural pain reliever with the added benefit of reducing stress and anxiety; it also aids in joint pain and repair.


  • Comes in a convenient 15ml dropper bottle.
  • Just use it under their tongue or on a plate for them to lick it up, and boy, will they lick the plate clean.
  • Can be used in the morning and evening.


10lbs and Under - 1/3 Dose

10 - 35lbs - 2/3 Dose

40lbs + Plus - 1 Dose


Adjust higher dose increments of 1/3 Dose for your Pet's specific needs.


1 Dropper = 1 Dose


CBD Oil for Pets (Available for online purchase Only)

  • Ingredients: CBD, Extra Virgin olive oil


    Directions: Easily drop directly into mouth or in water/food ( Do Not place glass dropper dirctly in Pet's mouth). Drops can be administered by placing drop on your hand and allowing your Pet to lick it off.  


    Caution: Carefully observe your Pet's response to treatments. 


    Available in: 15ml Dropper bottle

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