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The Benefits of B12

B12 is a naturally occurring vitamin that the body needs to function at its maximum potential. However, not everyone has enough B12 in their bodies from diet alone, which can lead to issues such as anemia.

Anemia is a sign of a B12 deficiency and could result in the body's immune system attacking its own cells. B12 deficiencies can cause other complications within the body and the digestive system if left untreated. However, they can be easily corrected and prevented through supplements and B12 shots.

Vitamin B12, also known as "cobalamins," is a vitamin present in foods such as milk, eggs, and meat. B12 helps the body produce more red blood cells. White blood cells protect the body from disease, while red blood cells carry oxygen between organs throughout the body. Vegetarians and those over 50 years old are at higher risk of being B12 deficient. Research indicates that cigarette smokers, diabetics, alcohol drinkers, and individuals with digestive problems are also prone to being B12 deficient.

Recent studies also indicate that 4% of women between the ages of 40 and 60 are B12 deficient. The body's ability to absorb B12 decreases with age and can be affected by certain medications and prescriptions. It's always best to talk with your doctor before experimenting with any new supplement. These studies also state that 10% to 30% of all people over the age of 50 cannot obtain enough B12 through the consumption of food or diet alone. This is because, over time, the stomach's ability to secrete enough gastric acid decreases. Gastric acid is responsible for the process of breaking down food so that the body can store B12 in the liver and muscles until it's needed.

If you are considering getting a B12 shot, you should be aware of the signs of a deficiency. For example, if you find yourself low on energy, suffering from frequent mood swings, or having trouble managing your weight, adding more B12 to your diet may be helpful. In some cases, B12 deficiencies occur because the digestive system cannot absorb the vitamin. However, getting B12 directly into the bloodstream allows the body to retain the B12 in a way the body can use, rather than discarding it as waste.

Some benefits of getting B12 injections are preventing memory loss, weight loss, improved nerve health, mental clarity, anemia treatment and prevention, preventing fatigue and boosting energy, and replenishing hair, skin, and nail cells. The best way for the body to retain B12 is through a B12 injection that goes right into the bloodstream. The injections help the body better absorb vitamins and nutrients and slow the process of aging by aiding in cell reproduction.

In terms of safety, B12 is naturally occurring in the body and, therefore (even in large doses), is relatively safe. There are little to no risks associated when used as a supplement by people with low to normal red blood cell levels. However, there is a risk to those experiencing any kind of infection or polycythemia vera (a condition marked by an abnormal increase of red blood cells). Individuals experiencing abnormal bodily functions and those prone to infections should always consult a doctor or specialist before adding any new supplement to their routine.

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