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What is Preconception Care?

Preconception care means metaphorically, getting the soil ready to plant the seed…Would you plant a seed in soil that was like a desert, dry and cracked and lacking moisture? Would you plant a seed in a sandy bed of water only to see it wash away? Our bodies can be like this. We focus on cultivating the absolute best soil possible so the seed(s) can be planted with success for a healthy baby and a healthy mother.

Did you know that it takes approximately 120 days for an egg and 90 days for sperm to develop to full maturity? If you are trying to conceive now, you are using eggs and sperm that have been created 3-4 months ago – how was your health then?

It is critical to plan for a pregnancy as you would any other lifetime event like training for a marathon, planning a wedding or building a house. All of these activities took a plan and many steps to get to the beautiful end result. There are many things to do before you start trying to have a baby.

What are the benefits of preconception care?

  • Improved sleep

  • Fewer pregnancy complications

  • Optimal digestion

  • Reduced chance of miscarriage

  • More calm

  • Fewer premature births

  • Increased stamina

  • Better baby birth weight

  • Diminished brain fog

  • More Sex Drive

How does Chinese Medicine help with preconception care? We are the gardeners that help cultivate the prime soil for your garden (family). For thousands of years Chinese Medicine has been helping couples build families. To optimize chances of becoming pregnant; acupuncture, Chinese herbs, supplements, nutrition and lifestyle recommendations all contribute to a rich fertile place for a family to grow.

How long does it take? Three months of Preconception Care ensures your body is in the most receptive state possible to conceive and go on to birth a healthy baby. Preconception Care is recommended for natural cycles and *highly recommended* for couples who are plan to undergo assisted techniques including IUI and IVF cycles

Looking for assistance with your own journey? Our resident fertility specialist, Kimbrell Rayfield, is one of only approx. 350 ABORM Certified Fertility Acupuncturist in the World with over 18 year's experience. Reserve your spot today.

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